Larry Leblanc - Guitars       Al Roy - Drums       Gary Gallant - Vocals

Dead Reach is formerly known as: Tormented 



Welcome to the Official DEAD REACH website.  The band is no longer a "full-time" group but they have played and will play the odd gig here and there by special request or for Television/Media purposes.

Dead Reach is basically the Tormented of today. 3 of the original Tormented members (Larry Leblanc, Gary Gallant and Alain Roy) are in the bands new line up. Dead Reach's only live performnce in 2007 saw Bert Belliveau on Bass.

See "Band Bio" for all the bands history and details.


Tormented photo from 1993. Left to right: Mike Osburne, Larry Leblanc, Alain Roy and    Gary Gallant




Be sure to check out Larry Leblanc's new band "Project 322"  on Facebook and their music is also available on iTunes.